Our skills


We’ll enhance your graphic identity, highlighting your strengths, the rightful place of your business, your uniqueness, in terms of your logo, publications, the signs you use, etc. Whether you are just starting up, looking to develop or for a radical change, we are here to support you.


Tagada Concept is turning to phygital technology to offer its customers ever more innovative and efficient communications.
In early 2020, the studio got together with Fosfor, a leading French company in the field of holographic communications.
We simplify the entire implementation process: from the creation of the visuals to the installation of the device. Our team offers entry-level “plug & play” options, through to fully tailored solutions.
The phygital communications we offer enable you to display all 3D message types (logo, message, products, etc.), with breathtaking “hologram” effect.


Our company takes care of the production and positioning of your offline communications strategy.
We can produce on all media such as vinyl, forex®, dibond® and others.
Tagada Concept produces POS tools such as signs, displays or window stickers.
The studio will do everything possible so that your digital prints, both small and large, are effective and of good quality.
Using the latest technology in the field, your graphics will be your best asset.


Tagada Concept will support you as you create your own digital identity in setting up your website.
The studio seeks to offer you tailor-made designs adapted to your activity.


The studio believes in the power of video as a communications tool, and hence Tagada Concept offers films in both 2D and 3D.
Our team has a passion for telling your story, the images used, for motion and for performance, this is what drives our daily creativeness and innovation.


Using to new technologies, our teams enable you to develop innovative media to guide your customers to your digital communications tools.
Create interactivity between your point of sale and your online media, with a simple movement of the hand.
Media Connect allows various actions such as displaying your Facebook Instagram page or redirecting the user to your website but equally connecting them to your wi-fi network.
The Media Connect technology can be used both indoors and outdoor. It is perfect for covering existing furnishings or in creating a display.


Passionate about architecture and photography, we are able to provide you with the best visual aids to bring your project to life in images: imagine it or testify to it.